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Color prep by color oops help?

I need hair help!

I decided to change my hair color from auburn to dark burgundy about 2 months ago. I didn't prep my hair at all before that. I had the color i loved for about 2 weeks before it faded to a medium auburn brown.

I've decided to dye my hair again to a brighter burgundy.

I used color prep by color oops for 20 minutes, washed twice, and rinsed well like the directions stated. I then applied a 20 minute deep hydration mask to my hair. My question is, can i dye my hair again today? Would it be better if i dyed it tomorrow morning?

My hair is pretty healthy, it is conditioned every time i wash my hair and i use a deep conditioning treatment every 1 to 2 weeks.

2 Answers

  • You should wait a few days to dye it again.

    If it's not a fashion colored dye, most dyes require you to have unwashed hair for about 24-48 hrs before using a permanent hair dye. Fashion dyes usually require you to wash your hair only with clarifying shampoo, then dry your hair and apply the dye.

  • 5 months ago

    You'll probably want to wait but not necessarily for the sake of your hair.

    Most store bought hair dyes specify they should be applied to clean, unwashed hair. The oil that forms on your scalp helps protect your skin from the chemicals in the dye and lessens your chance of a chemical burn or serious reaction.

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