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Is there an economic justification for government assistance at this stage in the business cycle?

There are 7 million job openings in the U.S. The number of jobs added to the economy last month was small a fraction of that. What justification is there for government assistance in such an economy? Suppose government assistance were to be cut by 90 percent. Would this be a boon to the economy?

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    If 7 million jobs means it should be easy for every person to have one and all those employers need people, then is there justification for those employers to be picky and deny many of those 7 million jobs to many who apply?

    People seem to be forgetting that qualifications and location remain a factor no matter how many job openings there are.

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      Yet, Trump made billions. Assuming his judgement has not deteriorated with age, it's fair to say Trump gave unqualified people in the private sector plenty of opportunities. Surely he's not an outlier. People can also be trained on the job.

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    Unfortunately, even though there may be 7 million job openings, it doesn't mean that people currently receiving government assistance would be capable of filling them. Most such people are on disability, which means that there is something preventing them from working. Moreover, we do such a terrible job of educating young people in this country that there are many people who want to work but couldn't do the work related to those 7 million positions.

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