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How would the United States be different if Hillary Clinton won the election in 2016?

Personally I think it would have been not much better and a very difficult presidency republicans would control the house and after the 2018 mid terms it would be a super majority in the senate

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    I hate to even consider it. Hillary, during her tenure as Secretary of State, failed at every single thing she tried to do. She screwed up every single thing that she tried to do. She was incompetent, corrupt and self interested. Hell, she even LOST TO DONALD TRUMP!! I mean, you can't get more 'loser' than that!! She couldn't even beat Trump in what should have been a blow out election!! That should tell you all you need to know! But then, we barely survived Obama, we would NOT have survived Hillary.

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    How would they be ANY better? Hillary said she was going to continue Obama's policies.

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    Probably the biggest thing is that the ACA would still be intact. I think our relationships with our allies wouldn't be as strained as they are currently. Farmers might not be suffering as much assuming there was no China trade war.

    I think from a day-to-day perspective, people wouldn't feel all that different though. We assign the president way too much credit (or blame) for our daily lives.

    • Lois Griffin
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      The only thing that got repealed (as of now) is the individual mandate.

  • Anonymous
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    We would be under slavery by forced unions dues.

    Millions would be dead from a war with NK and Russia

    Our tax rate would triple.

    Economic depression

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    North Korea will have taken over South Korea. Iran would be at war with Iraq. US medical care would be a disaster. Taxes would have doubled. Unemployment would be 20%. The Dow Jones Average would be at 10,000.

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    Massive vaporizations even before 2017.

  • We wouldn’t have kids dying at our border

  • RockIt
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    30 million Americans would be dead and dying from N Korea nukes, world wide depression

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    1. We would have a better relationship with Iran as Hillary wouldn't have pulled the U.S. out of that deal they negotiated.

    2. Janus vs. Afscme would've likely had the opposite outcome so union dues would still be mandatory in the public sector unions. (as a result of Hillary appointing Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.)

    3. The U.S. wouldn't be the laughing stock of the world.

    4. Transgendered people would still be allowed to serve openly in the military.

    5. The U.S. wouldn't have pulled out of the Paris climate treaty.

    6. Bob Mueller's investigation wouldn't have dominated headlines 24/7 for two whole years.

    7. Foreign policy wouldn't be conducted by tweet.

    8. The cabinet would have a much lower turnover rate and a lot more stability and longevity among the cabinet members.

    9. The government shutdown at the beginning of this year would've been avoided because Hillary doesn't care about building a stupid wall.

    10. The government would do a lot more to help people and show true compassion.

    11. The ACA would be on more solid and stable legal ground with the individual mandate still in tact.

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    We'd be on the road to wells-ville. Thats for sure. Shes smart efficient and like her or not she would have made a great President. Cons are so jealous of her and they hate women.

    • summertime
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      She did not lose the 2016 election. It was awarded to him by Putin and people that cant think for themselves or have no respect for America like you.

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