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What is the official palace narrative about when the married Prince Charles became romantically involved with Mrs. Andrew Parker-Bowles?

Prince Charles is a public figure as heir to the throne, so there is justifiable interest in the timeline the palace presents about when Prince Charles and Mrs. Parker-Bowles became romantically involved — made even more justifiable since it has been reported that Charles will give her the title of Queen.

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    They is not an official palace narrative on this subject.

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    Charles gave an interview where he admitted that he had an affair, after the marriage had broken down, which started around 1986...Diana began her affair with James Hewitt in that year as well. The couple put in five years of work on the marriage, and Charles just gave up...

    Women TRADITIONALLY take on the titles and styles of their husbands. Experts were quick to point this out at the time of the marriage, A wife of the reigning king is a queen consort. Any wish of Camilla's to be called a princess consort was not part of the tradition and was a play in semantics because no such title exists in Britain.

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    There would be no reason for the Palace to comment at all on the private lives of the royal family unless the Queen directed it.

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    Would 'the Palace' comment on something like this, officially or not??

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