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Which would you suggest more: Artificial Insemination or Adoption?

So I know for sure I want to be a mom after I graduate, and I am not looking to get into any relationships in my near future. Based off of pricing, and your own opinion, which would you more suggest? I know adoption can help to get a kid out of the system, but in the state that I live in, you have to wait a few years more to be of age to adopt, and I will be ready before that age. But I also have heard that insemination is a bit pricey (as if adoption isn't?). I may plan on both at some point in my life, but I just need some other opinions.

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    Artificial insemination would give you a child that is biologically your child. (if that matters) The biggest down side to artificial insemination is that it doesn't always work on the first try or even the second or third try. Just like trying to become pregnant the natural way, things happen and there is no guarantee that conception and implantation would successfully happen on any certain attempt. So, you could have the expense of multiple attempts before success. Don't forget that you would also have all medical expenses for prenatal care and hospital expenses for the birth of the baby. You would want to be sure to have good insurance to help cover some of this.

    Adoption does have the down side of rules about age and certain conditions being reached for providing a stable home to your adoptive child, but at least it is a one time expense and wouldn't involve the risk of multiple attempts before having success. So - you might have to wait - but it is a one time expense and then it just becomes about raising the child.

    Only you can make the final choice on the pros and cons of each. I would recommend having a decent paying and stable job for at least one year before you make a choice on either one. If you want to be as successful as your single mother was, then having a good foundation to start from is the great first step. It sounds like you have great family support, but make sure you also have great self support so that you always feel secure in your choices.

    Good luck.

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    If you can afford £2000 for sperm and £800 a cycle for IUI, go for it.

    Remember that on average it takes several attempts to conceive. Your chance of success each time is around 25%.

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      I live in America so the money is different lol

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    I think spermdonors are easy to find (and cheaper if you do it unofficially), and the child would resemble its mother

    Adoption comes with rules. Where I live a guy can't adopt a child more than 40 years younger than he, but yeah, it's not like there's a shortage of children on this planet

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    I am not being rude but either way you would be a single mum on benefits because I don't presume you would be working if you had a child to raise? You don't know what the future holds, you might meet a guy, fall in love, get married and then have kids when you are financially stable and own your own home. Good Luck

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      My mother never let herself turn to benefits, she worked and she made it to the top, having her own house to raise us in on her own, and giving us all beautiful childhoods. I refuse to rely on falling in love with a man in order to get what I want. I am independent and independent I will stay.

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    Artificial insemination seems like the better choice. I think if it were I I would find someone I liked to boink me a few times.

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      if there's boinking involved, it's not artificial anymore

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