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Do you know any cool underrated songs/?

With a million views or less on YT?? Pls no rap ,, thx

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    I could go on and on with songs that I think are cool and underrated.

    Lacy Loo by The Regrettes

    Tear Me to Pieces by Meg Myers

    Handshakes by Metric

    Too Bad by Rival Sons

    Gypsy Girl by Zella Day

    Young Ghosts by Aloha Tigers

    Soul on Fire by Spiritualized

    Only a Shadow by The Cleaners from Venus

    Seven Nights Seven Days by The Fratellis

    Mittens by Frank Turner

    Lola + Joseph by July Talk

    Fall Back by The Parlor Mob

    Glastonbury by River City Extension

    Anything We Want by Fiona Apple

    Zombie Graveyard Party by Be Your Own Pet

    Pink Chateau by In the Valley Below

    Take It As It Comes by J Roddy Walston and the Business

    Anything Could Happen by The Clean

    Indian Summer by Beat Happening

    Silent Treatment by The Joy Formidable

    Cat Claw by The Kills

    You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet by Lisa Marie Presley

    Fountain of Youth by Local Natives

    Headphones by Walk the Moon

    Breaking Free by Night Riots

    Royal Jelly by Deap Vally

    Crowd Surf Off a Cliff by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

    When You Smile by The Flaming Lips

    Where the Kids Are by Blondfire

    Telephones by Mardeen

    Telephones by Mo Kenney (cover of Mardeen)

    Gone Forever by The Raveonettes

    In the Middle by Mona

    Lonely is the Hardest by Suzi Quatro

    Here Comes the Sun by Cherie Currie (cover of The Beatles)

    The Great Defector by Bell X1

    Get Burned by Sleeper Agent

    Roadside by Smoke & Jackal

    x ANA x by Badflower

    Rangers by A Fine Frenzy

    Get Closer by Life in Film

    Black Cherry Pie by Jeff the Brotherhood

    Young Lady, You're Scaring Me by Ron Gallo

    Faithfully by Clem Snide (cover of Journey)

    Painting (Masterpiece) by Lewis Del Mar

    The Fear by Pulp

    Loot My Body by Man Man

    The Flower by Michael Franti & Spearhead

    Hollow Life by Coast Modern

    Every Day's the Weekend by Alex Lahey

    Blue Lips by Bear Hands

    No Sleep by Twin Atlantic

    Ornament by nothing,nowhere

    Hands Down by The Greeting Committee

    The Search for Cherry Red by Jonathan Fire*Eater

    Move by Milo Greene

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    Creed - With Arms Wide Open

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  • C
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    7 months ago

    Here's an eclectic selection that probably reflects what I've been listening to recently as much as anything else. I'd add links like I did for your last question but my answer got shadow banned by yahoo so I'll leave them out and see if this gets posted:

    Literally everything by World Party except for "She's the One" which was stolen from Karl Wallanger while he was in hospital after having a stroke, and it's nowhere near one of his best songs. (People say he should be grateful that Robbie Williams made it famous but as he pointed out nobody came to see him in the hospital and that's a terrible way to find out who your friends are.) Karl's songs are very poppy on the surface but the more you listen the more there is going on musically.

    Gene Loves Jezebel "Heavenly Body" Fans say that this band should've been bigger but the truth is that they (both versions of the band after the twins split) are very uneven in their output and waste a lot of energy fighting, but when they're good they're very good indeed.

    Simple Minds "this fear of gods," okay, the whole of Empires and Dance. Before they were bloated, old gits they were kraut rockers. If you only know their stadium music days you'll be shocked. This is proper sweaty nightclub music.

    If you've not come across Kate Tempest she's worth the listen in a darkened room with good headphones on. She lives in that space between performance poetry and rap and is utterly mesmerising.

    Gavin Friday "Caruso" He's been weird and wonderful since the days of the Virgin Prunes and what do people know him for? "Angels" and they think it's bloody Robbie Williams <sigh>

    This song doesn't get played on the radio, it's literally the chorus! Amanda Palmer "Map of Tasmania."

    The Bolshoi "Away"

    John Cale "Catastrofuk" John Cale is a living legend People seem surprised that he's still alive and making music. I quite like his "old man music." He just doesn't give a **** what anyone thinks anymore and it's wonderful.

    Kent "Pärlor" They were huge in Scandinavia. Probably the best band the Nordic countries have ever produced. I saw them in the early 90s at a student union and knew that if they could get a toehold in the industry they were going to be huge - and they were. I don't think they're that well known outside Scandinavia. They did release English versions of their albums, but writing in translation never sounded as comfortable to them and I think they thought it was a bit of a bother. They used to rewrite their lyrics in English to make it fit the music, but sometimes this resulted in the song telling a different story, so you'd get weird youtube comments on the Swedish language version of a song that make no sense at all unless you've heard the English. The music still rocks though.

    The Alarm "Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke" Now here's a band that definitely should've been bigger than they were. They're still around, sort of, but they're more like a tribute band to themselves these days.

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  • Binks
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    Broken Social Scene - Protest Song

    Built To Spill - On The Way

    Courtney Barnett - Kim's Caravan

    Grandaddy - Now It's On

    The Posies - Suddenly Mary

    Houndmouth - Sedona

    Hurricane Bells - Monsters

    Maria Taylor - Not A Love Song

    Ours - I'm A Monster

    O.R.k. - No Need

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  • Petter
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    7 months ago

    Youtube thumbnail

    蔡依林-愈慢愈美麗/花蝴蝶 搶先聽

    Youtube thumbnail

    Danny Saucedo - Amazing

    Youtube thumbnail

    Anik Jean - La Haine

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    We dont judge music based on views up in this bitsch.

    So like, dont ever utter a sentence like that around me again.

    Shape Of Despair "Illusions Play"

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      I only said that because I wanted under rated songs.... if it has more than a million views its not under rated

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Yes. I do .....

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      haha ok then

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  • 7 months ago

    what kind of music do you like?

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      early 2000s pop, rock- classic, alternative

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