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How can I get cash from my current location in Istanbul to my US Citibank account?

Citibank has branches in Istanbul, but they won't take cash deposits because I opened my account in the USA. Western Union in Turkey can't do a wire transfer for me in Istanbul (but they would do one in Dubai). Are there any other options?

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  • Frank
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    7 months ago
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    Get a cashiers check...or some other check, a valid check from an account with money in it and use the smart app to deposit the check with your smartphone.

    Why the hell would a bank not except cash? I don’t understand. Why would you have a Citibank account in the United States that is not valid at every other Citibank in the world? That is Citibank’s reason for existence. Worldwide banking. Go to the US consulate and see if you can give money to them and have them write you a check that you can deposit with your smart phone.

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