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What do you think of some of these pro wrestlers from NJPW?






Shota Umino

Taka Michinoku(Currently)

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    Yoh:: I think he gets kind of thrown under the bus by fans lately as being the "Jannetty" of Roppongi 3K. I think he's good, and I hope he has a great junior heavyweight run if/when the team breaks up. I'm kind of hoping a RPG 3K breakup isn't in the cards for a long time though because they're still a great tandem.

    Sho: Many peg him as a future Ace of New Japan. He's got a great look, he wrestles a strong heavyweight style, and New Japan seems eager to break him out as a singles entity. Like previously stated, I'd prefer that not happen just yet. He's still got a lot to learn, but he's definitely got potential.

    Bushi: Bushi was one of the initial reasons I showed interest in New Japan, which is funny because he might be the single least impressive member of LIJ with the least amount of prospects. He's not a bad wrestler by any means, and he suits the faction well, and his tandem work with Shingo has been great, but Bushi's specialness kind of died with the faction's arrival to New Japan. Being a Japanese luchador in a stable of better Japanese luchadors makes you fade into the background quick.

    Bandido: I don't think of Bandido as a New Japan guy, but I like him. He's very talented and agile.

    Taichi: Taichi has different speeds, and I'm fine with both. He falls into that rule breaker mode that most of Suzuki Gun falls into that leads to shenanigans and walk-and-brawls on the outside. He does have a switch in him that flicks to on in the right situations that makes him a great wrestler. We're seeing more of it by the day, and I hope it keeps coming out. Don't get me wrong, I love the gimmick and the pageantry, but I also love to see Taichi throw down.

    I don't have much of an opinion on Shota Umino. I pity him and his father for the beatings he's had to take in front of Red Shoes. People are trying to call the oven timer on Young Lions before it even dings though. He's a great byproduct of the Young Lion system and one of many shining examples of why teaching the basics before applying style makes for a great wrestler, but I'm not ready to place a career trajectory for the guy like a lot of fans are.

    Taka is eternal. He looks the same, if not younger, than what he did in WWE. He can still go too.

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