There used to be this tv show that played in Indiana roughly in the Plainfield area in the 2000s I can’t remember the name of please help.?

Ok it features a teenage girl a dinosaur and some story thing about the Native American thunderbird symbol and some sub plot about a locket it had to have been a teen drama

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Dinosapien with Brittney Wilson

    An evolved Dromaeosaur dinosaur named Eno escapes from an underground world where the last remaining dinosaurs have taken refuge from Humans. While he's being hunted by two predatory dinosaurs called the Diggers, Eno encounters fifteen-year-old Lauren Slayton, who is enrolled at Dino Adventure Camp as a helper. She's terrified and runs away, but leaves behind the cherished locket that her missing father had given her.

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