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How to deal with friends who love to blow money?

My besties love hanging out with me BUT it is always in fancy restaurants, wineries or trips. When I offer to meet for a walk, picnic or I invite them to come over for dinner or drinks, they fuss that they want to be where people are in restaurants and bars, ideally with Michelin stars or some presidential level venues. I can't blow $300-$400 per weekend like they do and they refuse to accept it. They live by YOLO philosophy, which I partially share, however that doesn't mean I have to blow all the money I'm making for fancy food and drinks. When I tell them I am on the budget, they call me a cheapo, talk about YOLO and make fun of a fact that I am trying to save up for my first apartment and make a slave out of myself. I am in my early 30s, they are approaching 40s and live from paycheck to paycheck in 1 bedroom rental apartments. How to keep the relationship and/or reason with them without losing my mind?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Well your fun-loving friends don't seem to understand that a good time can happen anywhere. A nice dinner at home with friends isn't exciting enough for them. A casual restaurant that doesn't cost too much is always fun, but it's probably not hip enough for them. They can't even spend one weekend away from the expensive places, and, they call you a cheapo and make fun of you for saving for an apartment, what kind of friends are these?? If you truly value their friendship, just tell them, "Look, there's no way I can spend this much every weekend. I can go out with you guys once a month, but this apartment is too important to me, and I'm doing whatever it takes to get it". If they refuse to accept it, time to find new friends.

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  • 9 months ago

    To thine own self be true. You are in your early 30s and your friends may be older but you have to be confident enough to be who you are. People evolve and change. You are not obligated to stay the same for anyone. They say the 5 closest relationships are a reflection of you! Who are you? You can’t take everyone where your headed. You have your own purpose in life. You may lose some people but it’s better then losing yourself. New people will come into your life once you keep walking forward towards who you are inside because sounds like they are not online with who you are or becoming. Stay strong girl

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