Calculus help! Would I be able to get some assistance with this calculus problem?

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    the standard units for SPHERICAL is r IS THE radial distance

    theta is angle away from the positive z axis units from 0 to pi

    and psi is angle away from the positive x axis 0 <= psi <= 2pi

    WHY ARE your units for theta pi <= theta <= 5 pi/4

    that is outside the range of theta .. there is NO REASON or non standard units to be used thats why they standardize things

    lets say your teacher is not a math teacher and assume the units are SCREWED UP..

    the angle from the z might be with your units psi

    and the angle around away from the x axis would be theta..

    please give your teacher hell..

    then the second one is easier it extends from the positive z axis to the negative z axis

    because your psi (which is not standard) goes from 0 to pi or from the z axis positive to the z axis negative which is pi

    the theta goes from 2pi/3 to pi

    so it goes from somewhere after the y axis = 2pi/4 = pi/2

    im thinking its picture number 8 or picture number 6(most likely 6) its hard to know from these images

    the first one

    psi the circle with the line straght down ..

    goes from 0 to pi/2

    this is from the z axis to the xy plane

    and the other Theta goes from pi to 5pi/4

    pi is the negative x axis

    and 2pi/4 = pi/2 from there is the negative y axis ..

    6pi/4 is the negative y axis so the limits are from the negative x axis to half way between that and the negative y axis ..

    so its in the 3rd quadrant on the xy plane and up to the z axis

    image 3 ...

    you can google the units o spherical and it shows different then your teachers so this mkes it really hard to help you

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  • 1 year ago

    Assuming theta is from x-axis counterclockwise when viewed from positive z-axis toward x-y plane, and phi is from positive z-axis,

    3 and 6

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