My ex boyfriend left me yesterday . My question is why I’m sad?

He never treated me well why am I sad ? . He didn’t even turn back five years after all I did for him . He hit me treated me like crap insulted my kid and I’m crying why ??

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  • 5 months ago

    because hard words are never fair. neither who says them or who receives them.

    to case the jails have solved the crime?

    Philosophy is the love of truth

  • tony
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    6 months ago

    I hope you find someone better than the last person you loved. I hope that when you will be ready to enter in a relationship again, you will carefully choose someone whom you will be certain about spending your future with. I hope you will not settle for less. I hope you will not commit to someone who will treat you less than your value.I hope that time has helped you enough to grow more mature. I hope you ponder intelligently about the decisions you will be making about love. I hope you get it right next time.

    I hope you find the right one.

    I hope you find someone who will be able to handle your enthusiasm about life, your loud and energetic vibes, your total independence, and your passion in pursuit of your dreams. I hope you find the person who will help you grow and flourish. I hope you find someone who will bring out the best in you, because they know that you look stunning in your confident skin.

    I hope you find someone who will make dating simple. Someone who will want more than just casual. Someone who will not be afraid to show you, and tell you their feelings. Someone who will not be interested in playing by the rules of a dating game. Someone who will not keep a tally of who text first and last.

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  • 6 months ago

    Coz you love him even tho he doesn’t treat u nicely take it from me I’ve been in a similar relationship but with no hitting just insults and so on and now I’m starting to dislike that person and I’m happy where I am today So just pick yourself up and hopefully you will find someone who treats you the way you deserve

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