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Help me please?

I've asked about it already but I am cutting out sugar completely for a week. I dont know how to cook.

Some people suggest things like yogurt and chia seed pudding.....but these have sugar or sweeteners in them so how are they going to help?

I want to have zucchini noodles tomorrow but how do I make it filling? I have been starving all day. What "good fat" can I add to it?

I need more super simple meal ideas that I can get at a normal grocery store. The special ones are too pricey

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    Eggs, Ham, mushrooms, zucchini with pesto, Hamburgers with out bun. Lettuce, pickles, some beans,Hot dogs- no bun.Steak, fish with mushrooms.Baked chicken .

    Some low-carb substitutions include:

    lettuce leaves instead of taco shells

    portobello mushroom caps instead of buns

    baked butternut squash fries

    eggplant lasagna

    cauliflower pizza crust

    spaghetti squash instead of noodles

    zucchini ribbons instead of pasta

    Cheese is a good source of dairy without carbs.

    Meals: #1-Scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, mushrooms , peppers and onions. And bacon.Coffee or tea or water.

    #2-zucchini noodles with a meat and veggie sauce .Salad

    #3- Salmon and veggies.Lemon.

    #4-A big salad with protein such as chicken, or beef or pork.Add some cottage cheese.

    #5- Soup without carbs

    #6- Hamburgers on a bed of spinach with garlic .

    #7- Shrimp cocktail.On a bed of lettuce.Served with a boiled egg and caviar.

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    Look up recipes for pesto or alfredo, and you can put chicken or shrimp with the zoodles to make them more substantial if need be.

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    Fats and proteins will satiate you, and they don't have sugar. You are making this much harder than it needs to be. Eat what you normally eat, but don't add any sugar. If you are concerned about the amount of natural sugars, then avoid fruits.

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    Tell me please, How can I help you....

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    Vegetables, whole grains, meat, eggs, butter, cheese.

    Breakfast, eggs and whole grain toast with butter.

    Lunch, a salad, check the sugars on the label of the dressing.

    Dinner, vegetables, any kind of meat and maybe half a potato or sweet potato.

    If you are going to have zuchini noodles be sure to put some sort of sauce and cheese on them so they are satisfying.

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    Simple: just don't add sugar.

    Food will taste strange for a few days then you get used to the taste. You actually start tasting the flavours in the food instead of just getting overwhelmed with the sugar.

    I used to have two teaspoons of sugar in my cup of tea. I cut out completely and sure enough it tasted odd for awhile. No I would not have any sugar in my tea, it is much better without it.

    IMAO there is no good fat. Keep it all to a minimum and you need not worry about all the hype about using/avoiding this or that fat. Just remember, with fat the quantity is more important than the quality. The less the better.

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    Add groiund beef and chopped peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes cooked together make a great sauce. top with parmesan cheese.

    you can cook tons of food that don't involve eating sugar.

    Baked potato, chicken breast and green beans.

    Roast pork, roasted root veggies and a salad.

    Etc, etc, etc,

    cooking doesn't just mean desserts. Skip them.

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    If you don't know how to cook, why are you farting around with zucchini noodles that you will then have to make a sauce for? You can't use a store bought sauce because they all have sugar.

    Put a chicken in the oven or a steak or piece of salmon on the grill. Bake or grill your zucchini. Meat and vegetables. No sugar. Easy. Filling.

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    breakfast--crustless spinach and mushroom quiche

    lunch --make zuchinni lasagna and salad

    dinner-roast chicken and veg.

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    "What "good fat" can I add to it?"

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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