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Do you think someone designed our solar system and put life on our planet or did that all happen by chance?

I don't mean god here, like maybe were a project created by aliens, are planet and solar system is all very convenient for us, otherwise w couldnt survive here

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    This idea of fine-tuning that you have just doesn’t hold up for several reasons. First of all, how would God or aliens be designed? Secondly, even if early earth weren’t able to form life, there would eventually be a planet that would be able to do so. Also, evolution allows species to become more adapted to their environments. It’s also important to notice that life POSSIBLY may have been able to form in an environment that was different from early earth (which leads to the idea of aliens, but that’s for a different conversation). Even if extra terrestrial life was created on some other planet, the idea of aliens making life on early earth is almost 100% guaranteed not true.

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    Even science is agreeing that there is an intelligence to the universe, Quantum theory is supporting the Holographic Universe theory, but we are missing one major piece, we have busied ourselves by putting God in a little old box and followed the script of a religious order that has convinced us that their version of God is the correct one, yup God loved his son so much he would make a sacrifice out of him for the sake of humans..... that doesn't sound like a perfect God or creator because I believe God is perfect, I believe all things he created are eternal and forever..... that means this world must be a dream state because that would be the only way Time could be relevant in the eternal picture, so the hologram theory may work if matter is given form in the dream...Jesus words make more sense if you understand how he was conveying them, the Kingdom of God is Within You, its not by observation that it comes...etc... this world, this galaxy and universe are just Collective form that appear to be real, but otherwise are objects within the dream given form......a course in miracles supports that.....what isn't real is your mind, your ego is driving your mind and brain, that is what the Bible is trying to teach metaphorically.... Death can only occur to a body that isn't even you because you are really a spirit......think of it as virtual reality glasses, is it any wonder why we have a fascination with virtual worlds? its because we live in one.

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    Neither - you've opened your "question" with a false dichotomy. In fact there was no design, yet it was not chance at all. There are 4 fundamental forces operating in our universe - it is those forces that, acting together, make everything we can see, and a lot that we can't.

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    ALL that makes up this universe was Created by The Creator God..... based upon God's design and engineering.... He did not make every individual object.... but the processes God put in place, formed the universe as we know it now

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    No-one and nothing designed the solar system. There are hundreds of billions of solar systems in our galaxy alone and hundreds of billions of other galaxies out there. Solar systems are so common they are a normal part of the cosmos. We have yet to find life elsewhere in the galaxy but that is not to say it doesn't exist.

    There has been life on this planet for 3.5 billion years but it has only been able to communicate with space for a hundred years or so. Our galaxy has a diameter of 107,500 light years. Signals from Earth have only managed to penetrate one thousandth of the way across the galaxy. If life on other planets takes 3.5 billion years to get to the stage where it can communicate with us and those slots of communication do not coincide or are too far away to hear them, then we will never know about it.

    In any case, only one species of life out of millions on this planet has managed to create the means of communication. Perhaps life forms on other planets will never get there. We don't know.

    Not knowing, however, is no reason at all to say "Goddidit" when there is absolutely no evidence for any of the many thousands of gods.

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    Until there is some evidence for life being planted here I will continue with the hypothesis it originated here by natural forces.

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    It's not just this solar system, it would be the entire universe and all the evidence supports the universe being formed through natural, unguided processes. Look at it this way, our sun is just one star out of several hundred billion stars in our galaxy and there are several hundred billion galaxies, all with billions of stars, that we know of. In the small sampling of planets that we can detect, there are several rocky types that could support life as we know it.

    This means that there is a relatively good chance that alien life exists in our galaxy and potentially intelligent life elsewhere in our universe.

    But in all of this, we see no evidence that would suggest design of any type.

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    How would anyone know that? You'd think if such a circumstance had occurred we'd be in the dark about that though. Frankly, I got burnt out on the space aliens thing after dealing with an ex who was always obsessed with it. UFO shows are a blasted snore-fest for me a lot of the time. Now I'm not discounting the possibility of such a thing being the case, but I'm just not really banking on it at this point in time.

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    No. But I believe that God has created the earth to hang on nothing event though it looks like it is on a blackness color when you look at the pictures from space.

    • Steven, you have previously shown that you do not even know what the stars are, so anything you say relating to solar systems is irrelevant.

      And I had also told you the same thing about the earth hanging as tentofield did.

      The rest of your answer is nonsense as well.

      Get an education.

  • God created everything, dear. Nothing can't just spontaneously explode and create everything without God. Also dear, the chaos of an explosion doesn't lead to order. but disorder.

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