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Do you think I have tourettes or some other weird condition?

I know this seems like a troll question. I wish it was though. But i think i have a form of tourette's that makes me say the n word

Is that possible? Or something else. if I'm sitting doing something in concentrating and then all of a sudden I get really frustrated, i say the N word under my breath. I dont knoe why and its not voluntarily. I'm afraid one day I'm going to say it in public. Is there a Lisa technique where I could change the word to the f word or some other word because I'm not racist.

I know it's hard to think this question is real but it is I'm not trolling

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    Yes, it's possible. My neighbor has a mild form and keeps saying b*tch over and over and over and apologizing.

  • ?
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    6 months ago

    Its definitely not Tourette's. With Tourette's, you don't have the control necessary to only say it under your breath, or just say one word. its not always even a word, its often a series of tics over which you have absolutely no control. I mean, you could see a psychologist for a definitive diagnosis, but, without trolling and with complete honesty, you might just be a racist as*hole.

  • Carson
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    6 months ago

    Try nicker or knackered

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