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How can I fix a wobbly (brand new) table leg?

I purchased a table and assembled three legs. The fourth leg will not stay in place, even though it appears to be screwed in (with two screws) the same depth as the other legs. I even removed the faulty leg from its position and screwed in another leg that I knew was fine and that leg was secure in that spot. The manufacturer is of no help, they don't have an extra leg in stock and don't know when. The table is too bulky to easily return and I like the design, I just want to know if I can fix the leg without paying someone to do it and how?

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  • 5 months ago

    That depends on your experience, how bad the leg is screwed up, and if you have the necessary tools. No offense but if you are asking us if you can fix it that makes me think you may not have the abilities to do the job.

  • 6 months ago

    not easily. what's likely happened is the hole for the attaching screws was improperly drilled. Drilling a new one won't be simple as the wood is already compromised.

    Since it is new, I'd return it and a different one from store's stock. Let them deal with balky manufacturer

  • Edwena
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    6 months ago

    You didn't say what is wrong with the 4th leg. My guess is that you are missing the right spot with the screws and there is nothing wrong.

  • 6 months ago

    Gorilla glue polyurethane glue which you can get in any hardware store apply a little bit of it to both surfaces put the leg in and put it in the position that you want it to stay in. In about 12 hours it will have set up completely and you can trim the excess off that's come out of the hole with a razor blade.

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  • you either get fatter screws or take some elmers glue and glue some toothpicks in the hole to make it tighter for the screws you have

  • Dze
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    6 months ago

    depends on how its designed, a pic wouldve helped .. if the screws wont tighten up on it maybe put a couple of washers under them .. if theres a slip-fit on something maybe wrap a layer of tape around it ... im sure theres a way to tighten it up ..

  • roger
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    6 months ago

    Remove the screws form the bad leg and take them to a hardware store. They can advise you of how to replace the screws.

    If you can get the leg off take it to a hardware store and ask them how to fix it...

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