Is this Louis Vuitton bag real?

It was given to me and I just want to know if it's real or not. It feels really good quality but I haven't been able to find that exact bag under any search results, even under fakes

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  • 6 months ago

    It's an older bag and hard to be certain from just one picture. On the surface it appears real: the logo is centered ad the print is the right scale and proportion. The straps look like the typical leather that LV uses and I can see a bit of patina -the changs in color that come with age and use. Don't try to clean this patina -it's a good thing and a sign that the bag is real. What is inside? Is the lining leather, silk or canvas? These have been used at various times in real bags. Is it plastic or fake leather or cheap polyester? Then it's fake. Where was it made? Does it say made in Paris? Or Louis Vuitton -Paris-made in France -each on a seperate line? made in Paris is fake. LV Paris made in france is what real labels have. Or is it made in China? Asian countries are always fake. The label will also hold more clues. It should be a piece of embossed stamped leather. The lower tail of the L is very short and the T's need to be touching. The O's of fakes are often ovals while real O's are very round and slightly wider spaced from the other letters. The "kerning" -spaces between letters is off in the real thing and the spaces between letters of the fakes is even and identical. Bags made before 1980 don't have a date code, the rest do. The slides and tabs for zippers are made of solid metal and not plated plastic. All hardware will have the LV logo and there shouldn't be screws, rivets, or tacks obscuring or covering any part of the LV.

    Here's a bit more about fake versus real: If you still aren't 100% sure then assume -because it was given to you and you didn't spend any money on it -that it's an older style and that it's real.

  • 6 months ago

    probably old. should have taken more photos for people to tell you

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