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He's a cheater and a jerk so why do I like him so much?

I hooked up with this guy a few months ago. We didn't actually have sex but we fooled around and I spent the night at his place. I got the feeling that he didn't want me to and it was kind of awkward afterwards. The next day I happened to see him at school and said hello and he was being all weird and distant. Then I see him with his arm around another girl and that confirmed my suspicions that he had a girlfriend! He hit me up again cause I told him that we would go all the way next time and I told him to F off since he had a girlfriend. Now I see on social media that they are no longer in a relationship and he's hitting me up again. I am so torn because I really want to hate him for being such a jerk but I'm so attracted to him that I'm afraid I'm gonna lose my head and sleep with him. What should I do?

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  • Juana
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    6 months ago
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    Just get in, get off, and get out. Play him the way he plays.

  • tony
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    6 months ago

    ur low self esteem////Stop being a moron and look for better. There's literally THOUSANDS better out there easy...The hard but absolute truth is when you decide to date a guy, loser or not, you have all the power in the world to walk away... immediately if at any time you feel he is wrong for you or not the type of guy you thought he was when you first met.

    You must never feel trapped into a relationship..You must never WAIT it out because you THINK he's going to change for you because it's NOT going to happen

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