Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 6 months ago

What color braces should I get? I m thinking something bright like pink or purple. I want some that draws attention to my braces.?

I want something that is feminine and stands out. I ll give best answer.

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    6 months ago
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    probably pink or purple

    • Baldguy6 months agoReport

      I'm got hot pink and bright purple alternating! I love how it looks!

  • audrey
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    I'd go with purple. It will stand out and almost everybody likes purple!! But if you're a really "girly" type girl, maybe you'd like pink.

  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Well, since I am in such DESPERATE need for Best Answers, how about purple. Eggplant, TBE.

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