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I'm a 13 year old girl and I think I might be a psychopath...?

So over some years I've stated to realize I'm not normal, I know that most other girls my age and people in general feel emotions deeply or normally so I'm wondering why I don't.

I don't feel sadness, fear, or really any negative emotion besides anger; I don't feel pro social emotions either. I mostly just feel numb/apathetic and happy, nothing really phases me and I don't care about really anything at all. I'm also very manipulative, I tend to take advantage of people and use people...I get bored so easily (but that's probably because of my ADHD).

I don't feel love, I don't love anyone not even my family I just don't know why; they love me and care about me but I just don't feel the same if they all died I wouldn't feel anything. Empathy and sympathy are things I don't feel at all either, I've never felt remorse or guilt either. Also I tend to just do whatever I want when I want and how I want.

What do you think?


Never mind...looks like I was just feeling empty, I think I have BPD.

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    Hmm... Emotional detachment... I wonder if there s any abuse or extreme fear in your past.

    Maybe your ADHD creates a scenario that you re distracted by other thing so much, that you can t process or connect to your immediate surroundings.

    Doing what you want, when you want, without concern... a form of Tourette s?

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    You seem older and look older than 13 hon.

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    You also have an amazing grasp of English for a 13 year old girl.

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    its your age...you are...easily persuaded...you probably saw an episode of dexter and are now wondering if you are like that...you dont feel anything because of your negative upbrining and your lousy parents. can you get mad at your parents for anything...hate even...if you have 1 emotion you have them all

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  • 6 months ago

    Nah. You’re just a bored unsupervised trollchild. You likely have some sort of personality disorder, but psychopath/sociopath is highly unlikely.

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