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Are dog and cat breeds like human races?

Breeding can only occur within a species.

All humans, regardless of race, can breed with one another because we are the same species.

Different breeds of dogs and cats look and act so differently. Is this just physical variation based on the origins of different digs and cats? I ask because interbreeding can occur between two types of dogs.

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    dog and cat breeds like human races

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    Yes. A wolfdog is a canine produced by the mating of a domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) with a gray wolf (Canis lupus), eastern timber wolf (Canis lycaon), red wolf (Canis rufus), or Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) to produce a hybrid.

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    Dograces exist because of dozens or hundreds of generations of meticulous purpose-breeding.

    Cat-races have been purposebred to a lesser extent

    Humans have not been purposebred at all. the Denisovan and Neanderthal races are considered extinct, so Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the only race of humans that's left

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    The wild ancestor of cats looks indistinguishable from a house cat. They don't look different, they don't act differently. They don't have enough genetic diversity. Dogs do. In that sense, humans are like cats, not dogs.

    Source(s): edit: One of the dumbest things about the race concept is we know "modern races" didn't exist a few thousand years ago. There were no white Europeans 10,000 years ago. Ancient naive Americans were dark skinned and Melanesian looking.
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    more or less ... if you took any two dogs .. or two people .. and put them in a geographically remote area and they bred and produced a large population, you would have a new 'race' with its own characteristics based off the original patriarchs ..

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