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Why doesn't my pup like me?

I got a Maltichon about a month ago. At first she loved me. If i went to the kitchen, she would follow me, if I would go to my room she would follow me. If I sat down on the couch she would sit on my lap and rest. If I called her name she would listen and walk over to me, but recently my Brother's girlfriend moved in and she has a yorkie. My pup loved playing with her yorkie and I was happy for her because she finally had a friend. After a while, my pup would stop listening to me. If I called her for her to eat, she wouldn't even look at me and just leave the room, and she would just eat from bowl from the yorkie (even if it was the same type of food). If I take her to the park, she would rather play with strangers than with me. I even potty trained her and taught her to sit and now she wouldnt listen and just does her business all over the living room (even if there is a pad). She would only listen to my brother's girlfriend.

Sometimes when I try to play with her she would end up trying to bite me. I rarely interact with her because she is always with the yorkie or with my brother and his girlfriend. Idk, she acts like she really really dislikes me. I also have other dogs but I give them the equal amount of attention.

Did I do something wrong? Did I not give her enough attention? What can I do? Because honestly this feeling kind of sucks....


Edit: Okay, I know that the Matlichon is not a real breed. i never claimed it to be a breed. As I am reading a lot of the answers, all of you are saying that pads are bad, and I'm sorry for that, didn't know that, but I do take her outside.

And to tell all of you this, the pup came from an abusive owner. I felt bad for her and I took her in. (I knew this because of a friend of mine). I do not hit her because it's just straight up wrong.

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    Ever heard the phrase 'familiarity breeds contempt' .... You are now old hat for your puppy - strangers and new situations way more interesting. Be pleased she's confident enough in her new life not to be quite so 'needy'.

    Now for what's going on - do NOT let your puppy get into the food of any other dog. If she does this, she needs to be fed SEPARATED or a fight might start. You also need to know exactly how much food she's consuming.

    As for these PEE PADS - just like crates for some people, these are probably the worst things ever produced! You will have a puppy with no concept of not messing indoors. She needs to be taken out immediately after a nap, short period of playing, feeding, and once overnight. Basically every hour when awake. If you continue to use these pads you will have to untrain the pup from using them, if she continues to do so even, and train her correctly.

    Pity about the mix-breeding. If possible, providing income for the BYB, who are the only people messing around with established breeds, which took years and generations to get right, should be AVOIDED.

    Lastly having a new friend is similar to taking on two puppies at the same time - they will each look to the other first, not you.

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    No such thing as a Maltichon. You stupidly bought an ill bred MUTT from a backyard breeder.

    Not bothering to read this immature rant of yours. Get over yourself.

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    She has been allowed to spend too much time with the other dog or puppy and she is fast BONDING to it..... RATHER than to YOU and you ve ALLOWED IT.

    Apparently you are not as interesting as it is - which is pretty pathetic. She should have been tethered to your waist and should have been crate trained and spent some time crated, since it appears she is NOT house broken. Any your games and play should be a LOT more FUN than anything some other dumb dog can provide.

    Nobody should EVER USE THOSE STUPID PADS! -They are a SCAM product and every single person eventually (read the complaints on YAHOO under the subject) has a puppy end up GOING ALL OVER the house because all you did - was teach it it was OKAY to GO POTTY IN THE HOUSE..... by using them. So now.... it does - anywhere and everywhere.

    I ve got NEWS for you: Dogs are NOT CATS; they do not like or want to use a TARGET. Dogs do not WANT to "GO" in the same location. Put the puppy in YOUR Room, start all over on housebreaking, and crate train it. Plan to take it OUTSIDE to go potty and TOSS the pads AWAY. MAKE YOURSELF..... THE CENTER OF YOUR PUPPY S WORLD. Only allow a few minutes of play time once or twice a day with the Yorkie. Surrendering the Maltichon (not a real breed name) to the Yorkie is GIVING UP. All you will end up with is an unhousebroken yappy DISASTER.

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    6 months ago

    "Maltichon" isn't a breed. Perhaps she's inbred.

    She sounds like she's afraid of you. Why?

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