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Hevy mettal musics make Satin to become posses in you?

I like listen to many hevy mettal music. Metallica. One time I listen veryloud so my father hear. He slap my face and say it make Satin to become posses in me. I still like but does it make posses in me? Also Is actually bad to have posess in you? Thx.

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    No, nonsense.

    It's music; the lyrics have no "power" unless someone is mentally ill or a psychopath already.

    Does seeing a TV program / movie that shows someone committing crime make you think its OK for you to commit a crime?

    No. No more so with music that may mention doing anything illegal; it's claims saying it would that are the crazy part!

    Most heavy rock / heavy metal is nothing to do with promoting crime / evil / "satanism" anyway.

    If you really want mess with you fathers head, listen to some Black Sabbath - the track of the same name, "War Pigs" etc..

    Pretty much guaranteed to set off any religious fanatic - then you can point out that the lyrics in the first one are asking god for help, and in the second saying that evil rulers that start wars will go to hell..

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    metallica is NOT Metal. They had a couple of metal albums in the mid 80s but since then they got soft and sold out and have not been a metal band since so no worries.

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    Darling I am simply possessed by satin too. I have a thigh length red satin dress that is simply to die for and certainly gets me heavy metal attention , I can tell you!

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    posses = demons

    according to user "ruski orthodox"

    demons take a sample of ur skin to grow full body suit from it

    in order to wear it in order to look like us

    when do they do it? during the so called "alien abduction" or "hevy mettal musics session"

    which u can stop if u pray to Jesus

    aliens in ufos = demons

    musics in hevy mettal = demons

    don't go into ufo to be "healed" by evil demons

    don't listen to hevy mettal which is demons song

    forgive me.

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  • Anonymous
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    Here's Duke Ellington doing his version of Satin Doll:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Whatever you listen to set to music sticks in your head and that's what you're going to do. So a good warning to you if you're listening to music that has illegal content or dangerous content your guaranteeing yourself a prison cell. Your mind will sooner or later act upon what you keep pumping into your mind.

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      Nonsense, unless you are mentally ill or a psychopath - then the music is pretty much irrelevant anyway...

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    What country do you hail from? Satin is very soft and cool to the touch. Satan, though , is very crafty and knows how to reach you. Most who are possessed don't realize they are. Those who appear to be are just for show so you won't suspect yourself or others. Metal music in itself won't make you possessed, but leaving yourself open to his influences could. You need good introspection and insight. Your local priest or minister can help.

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