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How do I move to another state after college?

I live in Iowa but want to move to Orlando, Florida after I graduate. So how do I apply to jobs in Florida? Do I have to fly all the way there for every job interview because I can’t afford that. Plane tickets are expensive. I hate Iowa. The weather is cold most of the year and there’s nothing to do here. Just want to get out of here.

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    As you are still in college, you should look into transferring to a college in Florida. You can finish your studies while preparing for local interviews after you graduate.

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    If people are going to hire you, they want to see you and talk to you. Can't blame them. Later in your career,when you're established, an expert in your field, they'll fly you out at their own expense to interview you. In the meanwhile, there's just no substitute for BEING there.

    I would look on employment sites--starting with Craigslist in Orlando. See what kinds of jobs there are, what their requirements are, what they're offering, etc. In the old days you might call an employer and ask to talk to someone in HR, explain your situation and ask what chance you might have if you came out there. They might also have advice. But these days companies don't want to waste the time.

    You might also ask if you could do an interview over video, like on Skype. Depending on how desperate the employer is, they might go for it.

    But finally you're probably going to have to spend some time in Orlando. Drive or fly out there, find a cheap place to live for 2 or 3 weeks, and try to schedule as many interviews for during that time as you can.

    In the old days they used to say that to relocate to another city you needed to be able to live there for six months before finding a job. That's a pretty high bar today. But you might call AirBNB hosts (for instance) and see if they'd give you a big discount if you took a room for 3 weeks, or find someone looking for a roommate (again, on Craigslist). Be creative! Think outside the box. Employers love that.

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