what comes after size 16/18 in children's clothes? my kid is 14 and 120 lbs. but short so junior sizes seem to be too long.?

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  • 6 months ago

    Instead of going by height and weight measure her by bust/chest, waist, hip, inseam, and by back neck to waist. If she is shorter than 5 ft 3 inches then you might need to shop in the petite section. Petite in clothing sizes refers to HEIGHT and not frame or body size. If a girl is 5 ft 6 and less then 100 pounds she isn't petite in clothing sizes because she is too tall. When transitioning from girls to adult clothes sizes scales are not seamless. You don't go from 16 in girls to small in adult. There's a lot of overlap. You do need to measure and use a store's size charts to estimate a size and then go to the store and try on a few of their clothes. Usually the transition is from the largest girl's size to medium or size 9 in junior or size 10 in adult clothes. many never fit into junior odd-number sizes and go straight into even number adult sizes. Again, there is a lot of overlap.

    As an example the measurements of a 16 girls at old navy is 28 waist and 36 inch hip. Weight is irrelevant in choosing a size. This is the approximately the same as their size 8. They sell pants with several inseam lengths including short. If your daughter is moving out of 16 girls then a size 10 short should fit her. Larger stores sites such as old navy have extensive measuring and size selection help on their site. Plus their return policy is excellent -as is customer service -so if something doesn't fit they will help you find something that does fit.

    Other advice: if one area of the body is larger than the rest buy to fit the largest body area. Also look for clothes that appear loose fitting so the largest area will fit into the item. Stay away from tailored, close to the body shirts and dresses and look for simple cut and shapes with some stretch. You meantioned a larger tummy area so juniors are definetly not going to fit. Look for even number sizes, measure your daughter in the waist and hip and read a few size guides on stores like Old Navy, https://oldnavy.gap.com/products/size-chart.jsp#Wt... LLBean, Macy's and general guides similar to this: https://www.sizeguide.net/measure-your-size-women-... be aware that there's no longer such a thing as Standard sizes and you do need to check each stores size charts. It seems complicated but working from actual body measurements instead of height and weight will make it much easier.

  • Laura
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    6 months ago

    There isn't anything, you go to junior sizes.

  • 6 months ago

    i am shopping online so i don't no what size to shop for. she has a bigger belly so junior sizes don't seem to fit right. is that my only option in sizes? any stores work better than others? do i go to women's? i just dont no?

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