Is Celestials a copyrighted name?

Hello, I'm making a fictional story where there is a special type of beings, They re kind of like gods in the context that they have powers, But you d expect more from them if they really were gods.

The problem is that the best (Actually, The only) name that sounds good with them is Celestials , But i recently found out that Marvel already has a group/type of characters that are called that.

Is it a copyrighted term, Or am i allowed to call my characters whatever i want?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons have "celestials" too. It's not an uncommon name to use in fiction. Less ubiquitous than elves or dwarves, but still relatively common. I do not think it would be an issue unless you made something so similar that people would mistake the two.

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