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Is taking AP Calc BC, AP Chem, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Gov too much?

I'm entering my junior year and am worried my course load might be too much. I took APUSH last year and did well in it (although it was a struggle at times) and got through honors precalc and honors chem. This year I will have a study period both semesters but I will also lose hw time to a part time job (5 hours/week) and extracurriculars (~6 hours/week). Also, my chem teacher says the class is extremely hard and I don't want my GPA to suffer (I rly like chem tho). I want to get into a good college and definitely need APs for that but is this too many courses? HELPP plz

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    Yes that is too much. What is your planned major? Do you need government class for it? Or macroeconomics?

    AP English language is the best AL class you can take, regardless of your major, You will be doing a lot of writing in college.

    Stick to AP classes you like. Subjects you like or will help you will your major.

    If you are going to be a chemistry major or bio chem, then yes take AP chemistry.

    Unless you plan to apply to one of the eight Ivy League schools, you do not need to take a bunch of AP classes. 2/4 over your junior and senior year is enough

  • edward
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    Post secondary schools don’t care if you were in AP or not. I was in all AP classes and i compared my transcript to a friend who was in regular classes, the difference of the class code? Nothing, they were the exact same. AP means nothing. Ask the university if they care

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