how to hide my nerves in public?

i'm a man who suffers terrible anxiety related to ptsd, i am waiting for therapy but there is long waiting lists, often times when i go outside i am very nervous, edgy, walk quickly, get flustered and panicked easy and hyperventilate too....i try to cover it up and give an 'iron man' look, but i don't think it is that convincing to the nervous disposition shows through.

i am in my forties also.

my question; is there a secret way to cover up my terrible nerves in public? to look calm, composed and confident instead?

sensible answers no nonsense.

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  • 6 months ago
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    A SECRET way?? No, friend there is no secret way to hide or cover up your nerves or anxiety. You either successfully cover it up and appear calm and cool, or you fail to cover it up. You can practice doing it at home, and when you're out for small periods of time. You can try to be aware of how you come across and work on seeming to be more calm and collected than you actually are, but those are obvious ways of dealing with it, not secret ways.

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