my 15 year old son says he smoked weed once to experiment.?

I have been talking about this since he was 12 and explained all the dangers and outcomes. I also told him that he could try that when he is 21. Yesterday we were going to get his blood test for an anual checkup and he asked what they will look for in the blood test. and finally admitted that he tried weed last week for the first time and was afraid if it showed up in the blood test. I am not sure if he is telling the truth about doing it just once. I was devestated but try not to overreact. I talked some more about all the negative facts but Obviously talking hasn't worked. He keeps saying he knows everything. Please let me know what is the next step and how to react to this situation.

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    5 months ago
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    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I smoke cannabis daily, I've got a degree, I hold down a full time job, pay my taxes and bills and many people do too. They treat it just like the majority of people treat alcohol. But it completely depends on the person and their attitude, to it and to life in general.

    Either way though 15 is too young and of course it is very true that it is a 'gateway' drug. I think your best first step is to ask and listen to why he has tried it. Is it to escape something? Or everything? Or was it pure curiosity. Did he actively look to get some? Or was it just an opportunity or even peer pressure?

    From there you can gauge his tendency to future experimentation and hopefully combat that the best way you can.

    But ultimately, once an adult, it's his decision, you can and should prepare him the best you can, but out right fear-mongering isn't always the best tactic. Don't advocate it obviously, but showing understanding is better than being controlling.

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    5 months ago

    yes children..please no trouble until you are 21...what!! are upset because you told him it was bad and he still did it? or you should be upset at how he handled himself. he was so nervous you would find out that he told you...even though the blood test would have showed nothing...think if this was a real life son just freezes and blabs..."thats" a great lesson to want your son to respect you? well respect him first...tell him what age you tried drugs..and dont expect him to be perfect...expect him to mess up..because he is human

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    5 months ago

    More then once, and sorry. Besides having him with you 24/7, there is no way to get him to stop if he doesn't wish to. The more states making it legal, the stronger and larger the pro lobby and the positive misinformation out there about is, the less influence you have. Oh you can scream, yell, ground, and if you have connections. Get him into a rehab or psych clinic for a while, maybe they can help. Unless he wants to stop, he won't.

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    Talk to them about the REAL consequences, not trumped up OMG stuff!

    I was a dual math/physics major and did just fine (Presidents Honor list blah blah) while toking every day.

    I feel weed is safer than alcohol (not perfectly safe) Can you overdo it? sure.

    AND make sure he knows where the weed came from - this is the most important thing!

    Weed is legal in CA. Do you know the consequences? Nothing has changed, except less arrests and ruined careers. And LESS Rx pain meds been sold!!!

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      Thanks for your answer but when did you start using and why? how did your parents react?

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  • 5 months ago

    Find someone whose life has been devastated by taking drugs and get them to talk to your son and explain the negative effects of taking drugs...

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      Dear noname can you suggest anything better?

      'Fear' works to stop me stepping out in front of a car and injuring myself, 'fear' stops me putting my hand on the electric heat and burning myself, fear stops me falling asleep in the snow etc etc

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