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Why do atheists hate the Word of the Lord?

Atheists claim to follow reason, yet they ignore reason when it comes to the fact that God exists and Jesus died for everyone's sins. The Bible says that God exists, so it must be true, otherwise why would millions of freedom loving Christians follow Christ so much?

Morality comes directly from Christianity, through the teachings of Jesus. Yet atheists deny morality in favour of drugs, unmarried sex, homosexuality, murder, and other things. If anything, Atheists have rejected God in favour of immorality, so that they can feel "free" (which they obviously aren't, since God loves each and everyone of us, and God gave us morals).

Why don't they want moral Christians to tell them how to live your lives in a better way? Why don't they want moral Christians to establish God's Rule in politics?

What is it about morality that offends them? What is it about the better way that moral Christians offer them that offends them?

Why are they so delusional? Why do they hate morality so much? Why do they wish death on we the faithful?

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    I don't hate it. I just laugh at the utter foolishness in the Bible. The Bible is a collection of very silly fiction. It's not a fact that God exists. "Casino Royale" says James Bond agent 007 exists, so 007 is just as real as God. Christian morals is a bad joke, as you help to demonstrate. There are many sources of morals. Now, 71% of the world's people aren't Christians,. They have morals though. You have nothing to offer us. You lie terribly here. You're delusional. What lies you tell.

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    Is not fact that God exist. Bible say many things, since it is collection of quite poor fiction. Japan have 130,000,000 people and 99.54% of us not Christian. Most worship Amaterasu and her 8,000,000 gods and spirits.

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    <Atheists claim to follow reason> No, atheists claim not to believe in gods.


    <yet they ignore reason when it comes to the fact that God exists and Jesus died for everyone's sins> Since you and I have wildly different definitions of what constitutes a fact, I guess I'll just quit reading right here.


    Why do you hate Zeus? Did He hurt you when you were a child? There must be *some* reason you reject Zeus in your life.



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    POE score 5/10. Some okay work, almost-believable execution, but there were several verbal giveaways and you lost lots of points for posting it anonymously which kind of makes it obvious.

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    the fact that God exists and Jesus died for everyone's sins.

    - Grow up.

    The Bible says that God exists

    - The bible also says that donkeys can talk.

    so it must be true,

    - So how many donkeys have you talked to.

  • Rei
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    1 year ago

    poor attempt at a Poe.

  • Cogito
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    1 year ago

    Sorry, but you’re wrong on so many counts. I’ll address them in order.

    We do not accept it as a ‘fact’ that God exists. We do not believe that he does. Surely you’ve grasped the meaning of the word ‘atheist’?

    We also don’t believe that Jesus, if he ever existed, was anything more than an ordinary man. And even if he did exist, and was what you seem to believe, as he didn’t die at all, and wasn’t Jesus at all, but God in disguise, nothing whatsoever was achieved.

    The Bible says a lot of things, but it was written by men – and there is no evidence that it’s true at all. And just because loads of people believe a thing, that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

    Morality comes from humans living in close proximity to each other for many thousands of years. But I agree that many ‘teachings’ in the Bible are good and valuable.

    I don’t know why you think that atheists deny morality – we don’t. We have good, strong morals as well, but we don’t need some old book to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong.

    And what makes you think we’re all taking drugs or committing murder? We aren’t!

    I happen to have no problem with sex before marriage or homosexuality but I don’t see them as being immoral.

    We don’t reject God to be immoral or ‘free’. We reject the idea of a god because we genuinely do not believe that he exists.

    We don’t want Christians to tell us how to live our lives because it’s none of your business. We don't Christians to establish ‘God's Rule’ in politics because superstition and 2000 year old laws which are hopelessly outdated have no use in running a country.

    Nothing about morality offends us – but we don’t need Christians to tell us what’s moral and what’s immoral. We don’t agree that the Christian way is better.

    We aren’t delusional. In fact, we think that YOU are.

    We don’t hate morality at all – just some of the attitudes that many Christians have, that their views are correct where ours are not.

    And of course we don’t wish death on you or anyone.

    Perhaps you could try to understand?

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    they worship zeus & thor

  • 1 year ago

    If only you could produce verifiable evidence for your god....



  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    What is it about blue that's suspicious

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