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Does this look like a skull fracture? When I run my finger over it, it seems as if my forehead has a dent in it. It doesn't hurt nor bled.?

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  • kelvin
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    6 months ago

    no it doesn't

  • 6 months ago

    "In all likelihood what you are feeling is a persistent metopic suture, also known as an incompletely fused frontal bone. In most individuals, the metopic suture, which runs along the mid-sagittal plane from nasion to bregma (bisecting the left and right halves of the frontal bone) fuses between 1 and 2 years of age. However, in a small number of individuals the left and right sides remain unfused or incompletely fused throughout life. Persistent metopic sutures are an anomalous but non-pathological characteristic and are generally not clinically important. However, because they are visible radiographically, it is possible (but unlikely) that they might be mistaken for cranial fractures."

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