Please help me with these 3 microeconomics questions? Thanks!!?

1) Negative externalities can be best defined as the:

a) Costs associated with private production which are shifted to society as a whole

b) Sum of all private costs in a given society

c) Costs of running all units of government

d) Costs of providing public goods and services

2) The marginal tax rate is the:

a) Sum of all individual tax rates

b) Tax rate paid by those with the lowest family incomes

c) Total amount of taxes paid as a percentage of total income

d) Increase in taxes as a percentage of an increase in income

3) What do the following activities have in common?

A person gets a dog whose constant barking annoys neighbor

A car emits exhaust into the atmosphere

Odors from a restaurant bother nearby residents

a) All are examples of external cost.

b) All are violations of antitrust laws.

c) All result from government intervention in the economy.

d) All illustrate a lack of economic security.

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    1. a, 2. d 3. a

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