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Why do people say someone has trust issues just because they say they don't trust someone who's proven that they can't be?

How is that trust issues if a person isnt trustworthy and proven that you can't trust them, and instead belived you were suppose to go along with their every word?

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    It's a cop-out. It's like saying someone who doesn't want to have a relationship with you or doesn't want a relationship at all at the present time has "relationship issues" It's easier for a lot of people's egos to convince themselves the other person has a problem, so they don't feel insulted or rejected because that other person isn't doing, speaking, or reacting as they'd like them to.

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    discernment and thinking for yourself.Take responsibility for the decision

  • 5 months ago

    It's a way for the speaker to deflect the issue and deny that they're untrustworthy, obviously. Were you really confused about that? I mean, did you really not know why an untrustworthy person would try to turn things around and accuse their accuser of having trust issues?

    • When people create lies about people and other people easily go along with that... I'm trying to understand the concept behind the lies they create....and the reason behind, I knew it was their denial and projections...

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