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Why did the Japanese Cherry Blossoms tree die?

Is that normal trees die?

2- Can palms trees be destroyed by beams?

3-Why are some rosers full of roses? Others with very few roses? Does the land make the difference?

4-Do roses and orange trees grow from seeds? If i pick up an orange greed and plant it will that grow?

5-Why did the tomato tree give no fruit? And the pepper tree have few and very small?

Home plantation.

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    Nothing lives for ever! There are many reasons for trees to die unexpectedly. An expert in such matters would want to see the tree and its growing area before saying why, probably, it had died. Nobody at long distance could tell you why. The answers to your other questions are along similar lines - answers at long distance can only be very generalised. Tomatoes grow on fairly low plants, not on trees.

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