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If two people live in a studio apartment and pay all bills, including water, can the landlord evict because only one person is on the lease?


This is a serious question. Nevermind that its been asked a dozen times in the last week. I am just getting started. SMH

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    Yes if the landlord has not given permission for the other person to live there.

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    Yes. If the agreement is for one occupant, and there are 2, it's a breach of the agreement.

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    if the lease is for 1 person but 2 people live there thast a breach of the lease - so you can get evicted

    The thing you MUST grasp is that a lease is not just a piece of paper its a "contract"

    and a "contract" specifies whats required from both signators (the landlord and the tenant)

    if EITHER side dont abide by whats the lease requires of them then they are breaching that contract

    In the case of a tenant breaching a lease (by having somebody else live with them when the lease says only 1 person can live there) then the landlord can have them evicted.

    Who pays the bills has NOTHING to do with it- The ONLY thing that matters is that they breached the contract (the lease)

    If you aint happy with the answers you get - DONT bother asking again- just go see a lawyer and stop wasting everybody's time

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    What is the point of asking the same question over and over again? it's not like fishing for the answer you want is going to get it, and even if you get it, it's not like it's valid or relevant in your case.

    If the lease says the unit should be occupied by one person and one person only, any more than one is a violation of the lease which can lead to eviction.

    Your paying the bills is irrelevant. There are often other very real stipulations at play - you can't rent a studio apartment and cram your entire extended family in there. That often violates fire codes and noise regulations and compromises the ability for others in the building to enjoy their own apartment. That's why such limitations are put in the lease. If the lease says one, that means one. Not two, ten or fifty. One.

    Being a troll doesn't change that.

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    YES. If you have an unauthorized tenant the landlord has every right to evict you. The size of the unit is immaterial & does not change the fact that you have violated the lease. Who pays the bills is also irrelevant & does not change the fact that you have violated the lease.

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    Payment of bills is irrelevant...period. A lease is a contact and that contract dictates who the landlord permits to reside in the unit.

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    Yes, the lease is a contract, you need to get rid of the person who isn't allowed or move and break your lease or be evicted.

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    If the lease stipulates that occupancy is for no more than one person he can evict.

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    Yes, because you have broken the terms of your lease. Landlords are usually very careful about who they lease to. They always do a background check to assure there is nothing negative in the tenant's background. They didn't get to do that with your roommate and have no idea how responsible that person is. You agreed to one person on the lease and apparently never asked the landlord to add another person. That's on you.

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    Yes, all tenants have to be on the lease.

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