I took an English test, help me confirm my answers?

1) The text doesn't give you the answers explicitly, you have to ______ it from the evidence.

A. think B.deduce C.seize D.convert

I chose B

2) In a hundred years' time, oil will not be nearly so ____ here on earth.

A. ample B. immense C.considerable D.abundant

I chose D.

3)Helen used to wear her long hair in ____ when she was younger.

A) a chain B)extensions C)plaits D) a fringe

I chose C

4)Athletics __ less popular before the Olympics made _ fashionable.

A) were/it B)were/them C)was/it D) was/them

I chose C

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    That's a horrible test. The first question is ungrammatical. It should be "you have to deduce them..."

    The second one has two correct answers. "ample" and "abundant" mean the same thing.

    "Plaits" is not a word we use in American English. We say "pigtails". So I gather you're learning British English, which makes the answer to the fourth one questionable. In American English, we would say "were" and "them". British English considers collective nouns as plural where they are singular in American English, so where we would say "BBC has announced", Brits say "BBC have announced". But I don't know how they treat a word with an s at the end, like athletics. I don't think they'd treat it as singular.

  • 6 months ago

    1) deduce

    2) abundant

    3) plaits

    4) was/it

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