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my Boyfriends pretty stressed and he’s sorta taking it out on out relationship !?

So today my bfs mom was on his case about getting a job, and he broke his new phone so she’s not happy about that, and he dented there family car. She car grounded him and he’s not allowed to see me, I’m leaving for a week anyway to go to Kansas with my family. This hit me hard so I cried and stuff and sorta like collapsed bc of my mental state and told him some personal stuff. He then was saying stuff like people with personal issues can’t be in a relationship but then I go are we breaking up and he goes “no no no” he then is like when I’m stressed I **** **** up and make things bad. Then he says “not ganna lie I put a lot of pressure in my self to make you happy” I say wdym and he talks about how his ex and him didn’t go well and he dosnt want that again” I go I’m sorry that won’t happen I’m very happy with our statues rn I wrote a whole nice thing. And he goes “am I a good bf” I go yes your so caring and kind and funny and u make me rly happy and he goes “good”. He’s also stressed bc he leaves for college in two months, we hung out this day this happen and had an amazing time . What do you think this all means, that he wants it to end? Or he’s just stressed and dosnt know what to say? Please tell me what you think - thanks I’ve been very stressed. With this whole thing and can’t sleep

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    Sounds like you have become extremely attached to your hs boyfriend.

    Well, no matter what happens or how you'd like it to go...he's leaving for college in a couple of months. That doesn't mean he WANTS your relationship to end. It does mean that it WILL change. It WILL change. Not your parent's fault, not his parent's fault, not either of your's fault either.

    Things changed when you matriculated out of grammar school and into high school. Because it's a passage in life. So is graduating from High School. So it going to college. These are natural passages.

    Fight it, sob through it, try to sabotage it..... won't matter! The passage will happen anyway.

  • how old is he 14?

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    Is a lazy clumsy sponger really the best you can do - look for a replacement.

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    He has 500 other women he's dealing with and you're his last resort and he's embarrassed to tell you cause he made a fool out of himself by lying to you and you figured it out.

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