Did she flake because she thinks I'm a player?

I dated this woman last year and she finally contacted last week. I called her yesterday to set something up and she was down . As I was talking to her I asked her I thought she was off from work mondays and Tuesdays and she said no ,"wrong girl", and said little remarks about how I'm a player and all the girls are on me. Are these signs that she thinks I'm a player and that's why she flaked?

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  • 6 months ago

    If she's making incorrect assumptions about who you are and how you are... correct her. To let false impressions stand is to agree to let people have false assumptions of you and your character. Why would you do that?

    • Dodger6 months agoReport

      That's true but I already corrected her when we were together and she always found it hard to believe that I would date someone like her. So I don't feel the need to explain myself again when I already did. Everytime she says anything like that I just give a nice little laugh and continue my convo.

  • 6 months ago

    Duh. Grow up and tell her you're dealing with 500 other girls and you don't have time for her whining

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