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How do I get my ex girlfriend back, even though shes in a relationship?

I'm 18, and my ex girlfriend is 17.

We're still really close. We split after a year due to personal complications on my end, but remained close.

During this time, we both obviously made friends of the opposite gender and we both joked around with them (not to make each other jealous, but they're friends). This caused her to believe I had 'moved on', so she 'moved on' as well. She got the idea I had moved on one Saturday, and 7 days later, she was in a relationship.

I asked her why she wouldn't get back with me, in a friendly way when we were talking, and she said she was afraid of me leaving her (as I ended our relationship due to some personal issues).

I have read about rebound relationships, and this could quite possibly be that. She doesn't have much hope for the longevity of this relationship (saying it will probably last 2 months at most, since she isn't this guys 'physical type'). She says she loves him and his happy with him, but feels really guilty over how heartbroken I am.

Is there a way to show her that I still love her & that I have changed/sorted these issues, and maybe get her back from this guy, without causing a scene or any issues between us? Or is this just a waiting game?

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  • 6 months ago

    Let her go and move on with you're life. If she comes back at a later time and you are both single, then its meant to be.

  • Kelly
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    6 months ago

    You don't.. you respect that she's with someone else and leave her alone.

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