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What do you think about pedophile women?

When talking about sex offenders, almost always talk about men and Catholic priests, never about women, actors (Such as Polański, and then talk about Polish pedophile, when he was Polish Jew, but not ethnic Pole ) and others leftist celebrities :-)

Recently I watched a very moving French movie,

"Mon fils à moi" about a boy sexually molested by his own possessive mother, whom he kills at the end, besides I do not even feel sorry for her because she was such a *****!

But I like to read crime stories and read authentic stories about crimes, because I used to be a policeman, I think, like most guys when we ware boys :-)

I used to read similar stories from my country, the boy kills his own mother who beat him and molested him, and he killed her, although it was not certain at first, because he killed her with potassium cyanide, a very strong poison.

But the police suspected that the death was not accidental, so they did the autopsy, but forensic technician, accidentally destroyed the samples, then it turned out that he did it deliberately, because he felt sorry for the boy, he did what he did out of desperation, the guy lost his job from that .

I wonder if the policemen or criminal technicians would be able to cover up crimes if the crime was committed on "victim" that a pedophile or other psychopath, in this case a female pedophile.


I am a Catholic, and I do not like that my church has been covering up the crime on poor children for so many years.

But I'm wondering how the priest would react if the penitent would confess to him the crime of murder, but it would be a crime of passion, for example, a wife killing a violent husband, or a child killing a cruel parent :-(

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    I would think the court of law should honor or serve women no matter what. I would think his mother bullied him because she didn't love him his son and that she didn't love his son's father

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