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Question about MCs on this battle rap site,how come no one wants to go first?


if u havent herd of Lets Beef, its a website where u post rap battles on text or audio against other MCs there. So alot pf times I would get asked for challenges to rap battle someone on text battles, but they always insist i send a battle veese so they can respond. Its only 1 round for LB standards on a rap battle.

Update 2:

But i alwayd give in, cuz they slwaysrefuse to go first. I even had a australian MC whom i didnt know ask for a text battle, i asked him to go first and he went "Errrr! ughh can u do it?" i mean, a text battle is typically a blind drop so u can see the opponent verse and rebuttle it, until u send a response verse. so why are these people so hesistant to send first. i always do.

oh yeah and i beat the Ozzy MC filly

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    They know that if they go first that they give their opponent the advantage of being able to throw their words back at them.

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