I am at a loose end. Please help with my break up scenario?

Okay, longest story cut as short as I can make it. I was with a guy for 6 years - Christmas time of this year he kissed someone else and was caught by an old friend of mine. When confronted he said he can’t remember but can’t be with me anymore as I don’t deserve someone who does that. I was absolutely devastated, heartbroken. He deleted me, he changed his profile picture. I lost weight and he didn’t contact me for a full month.

Out of the blue I got a text with a huge apology saying how much he loved me. He made a bad mistake and wants to fix it. It took some thinking but I took him back and we established this year would be a hard one in terms of getting back on track etc. January and February went great and then he started to disrespect me and touched my friends bum at my birthday drinks and dumped me when I confronted him in a quiet way. We were meant to be going on holiday the next day and he did not come and didn’t speak to me at all.

A few days past and he started with apology emails, apology texts, everything. But this time I realised I deserved better and can’t be with someone that does this all the time.

I am still getting lots of emails, texts, from different numbers etc and messages even though I have blocked them he keeps making more and his mum is even messaging. He even turned up to the party I was at on Saturday. I feel really depressed. What should I do? I want to move on and he will not allow me.

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  • Speed
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    6 months ago

    He's burned through his second chances, but he still believes he can manipulate you into more, since he did it once before.

    Don't let him. He can continue to reach out in ways you haven't yet blocked. As soon as you realize it's him, refuse to engage. No reply of any kind, and blocked. Don't even say "Leave me alone" or "Go away." Nothing at all. That includes having his mommy fight on his side. Don't answer.

    If he'd messed up one time, it would be different, but he's established a pattern and he isn't going to change. You need to protect yourself so you can move on. You are absolutely right that you deserve a better man. Don't let this one drag you down another moment.

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