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my life is nearly on a dead end because of jealousy and envy?

So many other Indians who live and in western developed like Europe/USA sharing their beautiful lives there, traveling with friends, hiking, working with nice people and so much more to that, living to the highest level on this planet, earning so much money, living the dream, they have car, fancy apartment, awesome job, fab boss, amazing co-workers and a fat paycheck! they are saying this, and I desperately wanted the same life, in those countries

I can't able to handle my life now and I feel like I will die within days now, my parents don't know that, I will be dead within days, I don't even know what will I do in my last moments before killing myself,

my life is hell, It ended up like this and it is impossible to save myself now, I hope if God exists he will help me or I will go away from this selfish ruthless planets and people forever,

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  • Foofa
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    5 months ago

    Get it together, man. People like you with no education and mental problems live under freeway overpasses in the US. If you'd like to wax poetic about Europe go ahead and do that. But don't be so oblivious to the situation in the US that you have that fantasy in your head. At least in India you apparently have a place to live, food to eat and pretty decent wi-fi. Your situation here would be far, far, far worse.

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    Nobody can help you but you. People always try to project an air of success, especially in conversation or through social media. Ever hear the phrase "fake it till you make it"? Very few people have these awesome lives they show on social media. Most people I know are like this.

    They only want to show the best. They will never let you know about the nights they cry for no reason, or eat chips at 2am in their underwear on the couch. Or have panic attacks because they're in debt and don't have their **** together.

    Do yourself a favour, delete your social media accounts, focus on what you want and try to stop thinking about what others have. Because if you don't, you will always be trying to live their lives while your own life fades away.

  • 5 months ago

    if they share their lives, then they are sharing the good bits and not the bad bits... many Indians do NOT live the dream. They work dead end jobs for a dead end wage. They receive racist abuse on a regular basis.... The grass isn't always greener on the other side remember.

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    Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common mental health condition in which a person has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours. It affects men, women and children, and can develop at any age.

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