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Olli asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 11 months ago

How did you deal with homlessness as a teen or adult?

My parents have always struggled financially when i was 9 and up until now (16). the first time we where homeless it was for about 2 years, and we pretty much staying in hotels and at relatives houses, and most of out relatives kicked us out after about 3 weeks. but then we finally got into a house we could rent and it was really nice until about 4 months my dad got sick and couldn t work anymore so we ended up getting evicted. This time being homeless lasted for about 1 year and we stayed at a relatives for much longer than anticipated, but then since we didn't have much money we had to start getting cheap motels. one of the motels we stayed at was a really bad area with a lot of drug dealers and gunshots every night . In our 2nd time being homeless we had a storage unit with all our stuff but we couldn t afford it anymore so we lost all our pictures, furniture, clothes, etc. Now i am currently homeless with my mother since her and my dad are getting a divorce and me and my sister have to sleep in the car occasionally or at my brothers, but my mom isn t getting a job anytime soon nor is she looking to stay sober so we could at least get into a homless facility since they denied us.

I applogize this is pretty long but i just hate feeling alone like im the only one going through this and want to hear other peoples stories of getting through homelessness?

Thank you. :)

2 Answers

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    ive stayed with friends or in shelters when i was horneless

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  • 11 months ago

    I've been homeless 5 times. It's terribly anxiety provoking and disheartening. When I was young back in 69, there weren't any homeless shelters.

    My first real job was at a resort hotel in Cape Cod. The hotel provided lodging for workers for $1 a day, which was a fraction of my earnings. They also fed us twice a day, anything on the menu. I don't know if there are any such places left, but it's worth looking for them. Summer camps provide food and lodging as well as a salary, and it's fun to work with kids. It's late, but often summer camps have a second 'session' in July or August that lasts until Sept. The Forest Service also provides some lodging for certain kinds of employees.

    If your mom is refusing to work and won't get sober, she is dragging you down. Try to find a way to separate from her so you can get off the streets at least by yourself.

    Some states provide much better benefits for homeless people than others do. Check online at your local library for this, and on YouTube.

    Some people live in state or national forests during the warm months. If you can't afford a $100 tent from Wal Mart, you can make your own shelter out of very inexpensive materials. There are dozens of tutorials on YouTube about how to do this. I used to sleep in public parks in out of the way depressions, which were invisible at night.

    The important thing is to get a job, as school probably isn't as urgent a need right now. Maybe all you can get is a dishwashing job. I've had dishwashing jobs. They're not exciting jobs, but they're low stress, and once the work is done, it's done - you don't go home worrying about things you haven't done yet. Good luck!

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