What laptop is good enough for an illustrator/designer/animator?

I already have a desktop and I need a portable pc. I’m wondering what laptop is enough for me, it doesn’t have to be the best but it should be able to handle multiple programs like After Effects and Illustrator or Photoshop to run all at the same time along with Google chrome etc.

I was planning on buying Dell xps 15 but I’m not sure if I should invest my money on it since I’ll have a tablet soon.

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  • Fulano
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    6 months ago

    My wife got a Flex 5 for illustration, which runs fast enough. She wanted it for the tablet function so she could draw on it. It runs Gimp and Krita fine, but she doesn't have an adobe license so I can't say from personal experience how adobe's programs run.

    Recently she ended up getting one of the later iPads and a pen because they're similar to Cintiq tablets, but a lot cheaper than a Cintiq tablet. The iPad also has the Procreate app which is only like $10 and is becoming very popular among illustrators, it can even do animations.

    These guys have very good articles on exactly what hardware is good for Photoshop and such:


  • I've had an XPS 15 for years. Great machine. Can run run multiple Adobe programs at once. The big thing is that it has the graphics card you need to run the programs (well, you need the one with the NVIDIA card). Also need to invest in the 4K display. Things are tiny, but it gives you a ton of workspace.

    At the time I bought my machine, I was able to spec it better than the Macbook Pro and cheaper (and cheaper yet - since I was able to find it on sale - not something you see often with Macs).

  • P
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    6 months ago

    The Dell XPS 15 would easily be powerful enough to even replace the desktop on some level (with an extra monitor and keyboard) and it's touchscreen can give it an edge over Mac's. The question is what you do really need in portability? A good tablet is always going to be better "on the road" as far as portability, but you will still need some type of PC back at home, since the tablet's ability for the design programs are very limited.

  • 6 months ago

    If you can afford it, Apple is known for graphics.

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