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Can a person get a U-Visa through hit and run in Maryland?

I have a friend whom was hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle home. My brother was hospitalized for almost about a week, he has a broken neck and a small brain bleed. He also has a fractured wrist and knee. Will require neck brace for 7 weeks. He still requires physical therapy and won’t be himself for about 6months.

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    No. He is not the victim of ongoing criminal activity as defined in law. Injuries sustained in a car accident, even hit & run, does not qualify.

    If he's looking for a visa, he must be an illegal alien. He must return home to his own country. BTW, if he fails to pay all his medical bills in full, he can never return to US. If the driver cannot be found, or is uninsured, he's got to pay whopping bills or become inadmissible. Is it friend or brother (or are you a troll?)? Get him home where medical care is a lot cheaper.

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    Both your friend and your brother were hit? No, neither qualifies.

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    Who sent the hit man after him? When is the trial? How long is it expected to last? Have you discussed this with the prosecutor?

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    Did you even read the eligibility criteria. Your friend / brother was not the "victim of qualifying criminal activity", has not "suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of having been a victim" (injured in a car accident is not physical abuse) and almost certainly has little or no information to be helpful to law enforcements investigation

    Read for yourself --]

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