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I don't get why some feminists get angry and upset when i think men get raped more than women in the USA?

It's a proven fact and those kinds of statistics don't lie.

Many men don't report rape cause they are ashamed and statistics show that men get raped more than women cause of prison rape in the USA since the inmates don't if contact with women so they rape men instead,

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    There not exactly wrong but i assume some attempt to force there one sided beliefs on to others, We don't have the actual numbers since it doesn't count as a number if it wasn't reported at all, but its true when you combine the actual rape report statistics from disclosure and non-disclosure that the majority of committed acts were done by Gay, Bi and Str8 men so Yes men are raping more with no form of consent.

    Rape/Sexual assualt is wrong and comparative suffering is retarded, But no one cares about the risky girl stuffing her hands down dudes pants since its a turn on.

  • Sam
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    6 months ago

    Maybe you aren't explaining it to them.

    Or maybe they think that when guys get raped they deserve to be raped.

    • Sam
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      Some people just like to argue. If you know you're right, it's silly to argue with them. Good luck trying to change their mind.. cuz your going to need a lot of luck.

  • 6 months ago

    If people don't report it... how do you know about it?

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      Because some men are just like that, they are too scares to report cause they think they will get humiliated.
      I talked to a few on the internet also and it was a sad story.

  • 6 months ago

    You can THINK whatever you like. But I want to SEE your statistics 'proving' your thought and their pedigree. If you say men are too ashamed to say they've been raped, then the statistics you say you have, mean they are inaccurate by default!

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      Prison rape and outside prison rape is different.
      When i say men keep silent about their rape it is outside of prison.

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