I would like to put a quicker engine in a 1970 s Volkswagen beetle. What I have to change anything with it to work?

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    3 months ago

    Drop in a Corvair engine. The engine is a flat 6 instead of the flat 4 in a Beetle and the size went from 2.3 liters to 2.4 liters to 2.7 liters during its production. The Corvair was a front engine versus the VW rear engine and I am not sure about direction of rotation, so you might end up with the fastest car in reverse. Of course the VW had a huge space in the front if you wanted to drop the engine in there.

    A much easier course of action is to replace the cylinder jugs and pistons with larger ones increasing the engine size (from 1300 cc to 1600 cc). The engine case and transaxle would stay the same. A Weber carburettor, Weiand intake manifold, and a low restriction exhaust will also boost horsepower substantially, so it is conceivable to get 150+ horsepower with the upgrades. Fuel economy will suffer, but I don't suppose that is a priority to you.

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    5 months ago

    You would have to change too much to be worthwhile. You could put in a Corvair engine the pancake 6 but you would be torching out the rear seats as the engine has to be mounted as a mid engine. Lots of work and has been done already. More show than go.

    You bought a VW. They are inherently slow engines BECAUSE they are Long stroke engines. It is like a short person foot racing a long legged dude. The short persons legs is going to move faster than the tall guy.

    That is the difference. One can move faster and the other one gets tripped up because he is gangly, or has less control of where his legs go so he has to go slower. Long stroke engines are found in diesel cars and farm tractors, they will have a lot of pulling power but instant take off "not so much" So you would have to change the crankshaft to a short throw crank and the piston pots would have to be shorter so that you get compression. So say invest $10,000 in the motor and you "MIGHT" have something faster. It is not a simple matter at all.

    At the time I was looking at a RAJAY turbocharger as a cheaper solution...only $600 (in1972dollars) That was still pricey, and it became not that important. VW is not a race car. If I want a race car, I would have bought one. So I went fishing in the outback hills...which a VW can get to and your fast cars are stuck on city streets.

    Swapping for another motor is basically out of the question. It is an abortion fitting.

    Thing is, you may have bought a 1970 VW beetle (that got its motor swapped out for something smaller. Stock 1970 is 1600cc engine, and yet I have read where people got 1200cc engines in their 1970 bugs(which is the smallest engine you can get and that takes work to fit it whereas a 1300 would just bolt right in and mate up to the bellhousing no problem. But 1300's are in demand motors for dune buggies. 1200's are a weak engine and can't be modified at all. A 1300 can be upped to a 1500 just by changing the piston pots and pistons.

    . To know what you got, really, you have to pull a head off and measure the diameter of the pot.

    . Externally looking at them, all the engines look the same.

    . I found a 1600 stock engine could lift the front wheels off the ground. Not quick, but torque it has. So it is expected to perform as a VW.

    ANY WATERCOOLED ENGINE could beat it. VW is a bush buggy.

    I would simply buy a faster car like a water cooled Honda. Less monkey business...and cheaper to get immediate results.

    My other VW, I put in a V8 engine. That required A LOT OF WORK. So no longer a VW. More a Funny Car.

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    5 months ago

    You will probably want to go to 1776 cc. Stock is 1590 cc. To do that, the crankcase and heads must be machined, to accept the larger cylinders, a standard procedure. However, you cannot assume that your case is rebuildable. You wouldn't do this without a complete rebuild.

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    in order to get the most out of your motor you have to be able to transfer the power to the wheels so i suggest getting a better transaxle and a good made in germany clutch set.but no you dont have to change a thing.just swap some stuff.

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  • 5 months ago

    There are big bore kits to increase the cc's. Guys have been doing that for YEARS on dune buggys. One thing though, the transaxles in those are kinda weak, so expect problems in that area with more horsepower.

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    With air cooled rear mounted engines, you don't have much choice. A Porche flat six would be too big for the engine bay.

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    Sounds like you won't be doing anything yourself.

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    I don’t know but working on vintage cars sounds like a great hobby

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