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Do all puppies from the same litter have the same scent?

Both my dogs have very strong, individual scents. I am curious as to whether their siblings would smell the same as them? One of mine smells really fresh the way puppies smell, but mixed with something else that I can't put my finger on. The other one smells kind of like bread, but kind of musty but really good too. They both smell incredible. I've never been around puppies in the same litter before. As they grow up and develop their own scent, do they smell the same as their siblings, or does each dog smell different?

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    Puppies have milk breath while still nursing & they loose that smell when they start eating the puppy chow. Remember, you are what you eat. & what you eat reflects what you smell like. Orientals smell different than Mexicans, two completely different diets. If you eat a lot of garlic, you could start smelling like garlic. Some say Black folks have a smell all their own. Old people tend to smell like old people.

    • Satan6 months agoReport

      Yet they do often have that smell once they reach 80 or above. I've always wondered why that is. Seems like every race of old people all smell the same! I guess it must be their living situation or just a natural mysterious thing! Thanks for the perspective!

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    I have spent a lot of time looking at playing with and evaluating other people's litters. I have only noticed two smells. When puppies are still nursing - and only getting milk they smell one way, and then once then start on food they smell another way. It has to do with food & body chemicals.

    I am not sure I would personally characterize any puppy as smelling "FRESH" short of being freshly washed & groomed - which isn't normally done.

    Dogs & puppies do develop various odors if you choose to sniff body parts closely. My holistic vet would sniff ears and say YEP...YEAST infection. Or when discussing my dog licking his pads, she would lift the pad give a sniff and say if it smells like Fritoes - that is a food based allergy & yeast infection. The wipes she gave me worked (to stop the licking) & the tweek in diet worked.

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      I wonder whether if I smelled my dog and one of her siblings, if they would smell more similar than if I smelled her and another dog? I don't know why I'm thinking about this so hard, I'm just curious lol.

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    I've never been into 'smelling' my puppies (other than I love the smell of new puppies ...) but I'd suspect they all smell the same to a human, when in the nest. Given that bitches do know if there's something wrong with an individual puppy, pushing it to one side, I suppose a dog might smell something off with a puppy. To support this, if a b itch is needed to foster a litter if their mother has died, all the puppies have to be marked with the scent of the foster mum so she accepts them as her own.

    Once out in the world, they take the smell of where they live and their individual smell. A lot depends on food eaten, and environment, once not in a litter.

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      They do seem to have a strong individual scent, as both my dogs are the same age and similar breeds, have lived together for 3 years since being adopted, eat the same food, but smell completely different (aside from a bit of the household scent mixed in). Very interesting info, thank you!

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