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Angry about cheating boyfriend three years on?

Knew this guy for over five years now. Since the beginning we spoke about marriage and stuff. Two years on we decided to see each other more often but I don’t think he thought it was a relationship in the beginning. In the first week we started seeing each other more often he told me that he slept with someone. I thought he’s not exactly my boyfriend so I didn’t say anything. Now he is making **** up like “I didn’t do anything I got raped” as in she forced herself on him LOOL. He always says that. I am pissed off because he said he fell in love at first sight so he should have been loyal from day one like I was. Would you leave over this? Especially if he played more games with you by not sleeping with you at all for the three years and being extremely lazy to avoid it. I am still a virgin because he keeps playing games and everytime I tell people they say I should leave him. I’m a very pretty girl and have a very very good figure I could have easily cheated on him but I didn’t because I am a loyal person. This is bothering me even more because we spoke about it last night I said “you cheated on me” and he denies it. He could touch up other girls and claim he loves me and he hasn’t even has sex with me in over three years. I’m so angry.

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    I think you're wasting your time with him. He doesn't seem to want a steady girl or be in a serious relationship.

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